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  • Ceremony (Texas)

    Justin, TX

    Although the courthouse will have our signatures on the dotted line, we know it won’t be real in our eyes until you help us make the commitment.

    Lucky Spur Ranch

    March 3rd

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    If complementary colors are your thing, we'll be decking the aisles with sky blue, blush pink and sage green.

  • Reception (Texas)

    Justin, TX

    No need to front, this is what we all have been waiting for. Enjoy drinks and popcorn with a friendly game of corn hole while wifey & hubby (wait, us?) snap some photos on the ranch, then gather back ‘round in the barn for a candle-lit BBQ.

    Lucky Spur Ranch

    March 3rd

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    After that show of love, you may be tempted to de-robe just a little/Bow tie optional, Dancing shoes required.

  • Utah Open House

    For all of our Utah friends and family, we will have an Open House style reception. Come and join us for some dessert!

    Aspen Landing Reception Venue
    6388 South Redwood Road Taylorsville, Utah 84123

    Aspen Landing

    April 30th

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    Business Casual

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We appreciate you coming from far and wide – city friends, we know that traveling the DFW metroplex feels like crossing the country – to be with us this March. Your attendance is as good a gift as any. Who really needs an Air Fryer, anyhow? (However, in the event you find it necessary, they are available on Amazon).

If you feel inclined to add a little shimmer to our otherwise dull china collection, you can browse our wants over here on Amazon. To better dress our guest bedroom, possibly in anticipation of your next long weekend in the city, visit Target.
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